How to copy any Roblox game?

Sometimes a scenario is being so that a user is looking forward to starting a new game, but like the previous game a lot. They want to copy the existing game to save some time. Sometimes the scenario is being so that they are looking forward to copying the game another person is engaged with. If you are looking forward to doing so, you have landed on the right page. Here we will be going to discuss the steps that will help you to copy any Roblox game easily. We suggest you follow all the steps correctly so that no such trouble will arise to you, and engaging in-game will become quite easy.

How to copy your own game?

1. At the very first run, Roblox studio.

2. Within the studio, perform the login with your account.

3. Now hit on my games option.

4. Now search for the game you are looking forward to copy.

5. Now click on it, and it on the edit option available at the bottom of the screen.

6. When you hit on editing, the game will appear, and you can copy it in two ways, including you can have a backup saved at your computer, or you can upload a copy of the game to the Roblox. You can choose any of them accordingly, and congratulations, the game has been copied.

How to copy someone else game?

If you are looking forward to copying the game of any other person at that moment as well, the solution is available. After copying the game, you can send Robux to friends and engage in other activities as well. Let's have a look at all of the steps you need to follow:-

1. At the very first, you need to move to the detailed case of the game.

2. Now icons are there and among all of them, hit on the three dots available at the upper right of the title.

3. Now hit on the edit menu that pops up on your screen.

4. Now open the game in the studio, where you will be able to do things like choose a file and save it on your computer or choose a file and publish it to Roblox as it is. Within no time, a copy of the game will get available, which you can utilize later on.

Will Roblox Ban you in the game if it finds out to be copied?

Sometimes the scenario is being so that a user has copied the game, but in return, developers have deleted the game. They will not be going to ban you, but the game will get deleted, and you need to play it from the initial point again.

Wrapping it up:

Here we have shared all the details of how you will be able to copy the game in Roblox. If there is something more you need to know, do let us know in the comment section below. We will help you to get an idea about the steps you are supposed to follow for becoming a part of the game.